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Did you know sleeping position can affect your orthotics? Who would have known!


See what they do at the North York Madison Clinic in Toronto for persons with poor foot health. Read more below.

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Sleeping is arguably the simplest task of the day, but most people do not realize there are risks of chronic pain and various other health conditions if you do not sleep in a proper position. Many people, who suffer from back pain without experiencing injury or trauma, can actually be caused by poor sleeping conditions. Other risks of poor sleeping conditions could include obesity, heart disease, decreased cognitive functioning, diabetes and even wrinkles! So what is the best position for sleeping?

  • Back Sleepers

Doctors have agreed that sleeping on your back is the best for your body! It is perfect for neck and spine health because the spine is kept in a neutral position and there is no additional pressure put on the back. It also allows the skin on the face to breathe as it is not stuffed into a pillow all night long- reducing the chances for wrinkles and breakouts.

If you want extra support you can place a pillow underneath your knees to help maintain the curve in your back.

One of the downsides of back-sleeping (besides it being the least comfy) is the higher frequency of snoring and sleep apnea. This happens because when we sleep on our backs the base of the tongue tends to collapse into the air way, which obstructs proper breathing and creates snoring.

  • Side Sleepers

Second best is sleeping on your side. The optimal position for sleeping on your side would include tucking your legs up slightly towards your chest. For extra support put a pillow in between your legs or use a body pillow if accessible. Side sleeping is beneficial for pregnant women because it improves circulation to the heart. Side sleeping is also beneficial for those who have heartburn and acid reflux conditions. It can also help those who suffer from sleep apnea and snoring. Although, sometimes sleeping on the left side can put extra pressure on the lungs and stomach, and can also result in irritated muscles and nerves in the arms that result in that painful “pins and needles” feeling.

  • Stomach Sleepers

Arguably the worst position for sleeping is on your back. It eases some snoring and sleep apnea but that is the only pro to this position. Sleeping on your stomach does not compliment the natural curve of the spine and flattens it. This can later become related to unexplained lower back pain. Also, sleeping with your head turned to one side all night causes neck strain. If this is the easiest way for you to fall asleep try adjusting it by putting a pillow under the hips and belly to lift up the spine a little.

Although sleeping positions have a great deal of influence on your body and mood, it is also important you pay attention to the type and age of both your mattress and pillow to ensure optimal sleep.

4) See how custom made orthotics can help in this video

and for a great explanation on orthotics see more here  or visit the North York Madison Clinic's orthotics page

Here at the North York Madison Sport’s Injury Clinic, our goal is to help patients reach and maintain their optimum health! On staff we have a chiropractor, three registered massage therapists, a physiotherapist, a naturopathic doctor, and a kinesiologist. We have custom-made orthotics that may also help with back problems. Custom made orthotics help alleviate many symptoms of poor foot mechanics, including: localized foot pain, arch/heel pain, leg/knee pain, hip/back/neck pain, and bunions or hammer toes. An assessment with Dr. Rodney will inform you as to whether custom made orthotics will be of benefit to you. Visit us here for your Orthotics from North York Madison Clinic and you can see more on their Yelp page.